Global South Portland: Serving Maine and the Northeast

Every day, people count on us to supply the gas for their cars and trucks, the heat for their homes and the energy that powers business.

Through our terminals – here in South Portland and throughout the Northeast – we’re able to safely and efficiently move those products to our customers where they need them, when they need them.

We’re committed to doing this in an environmentally sound manner, and we work closely with regulators to meet safety and environmental standards. As part of being a good neighbor, we support and work with the communities where we operate.

Our founding promise was reliability, and more than 75 years later, reliability remains the key to everything we do.

South Portland Terminal by the Numbers

800 Miles of Maine roads can be repaired each year with asphalt stored and distributed at the terminal
66K Maine households can be kept warm each year with heating oil stored and distributed at the terminal
118 Employees in Maine at our South Portland terminal and 13 retail stations throughout the state
$12.3M Global paid taxes in the state of Maine in 2019

Steps in Response to Air Quality Concerns

In September of 2019, Global Partners announced a new set of actions to respond to concerns raised by some neighbors in South Portland. These actions address issues of air quality and odor.

A broad range of factors – from traffic to a variety of industries – affect air quality in the area, according to recent air quality reports from the state. Based on publicly available emissions data Global’s potential impact is relatively small compared to other sources.

However, it’s important that we do our part. In addition to taking steps at the facility, we also contributed to a broader solution by helping finance air monitoring efforts.

The actions we are taking include:

  • Adding enhanced odor control technology at our facility. Global has committed to install a mist eliminator and an active dry scrubber to further reduce odors potentially coming from heated tanks storing No. 6 oil and asphalt.
  • Once we receive approval from the city’s Planning Board, we will start construction on the enhanced odor controls. We expect to have the equipment operational about 8 weeks later.
  • Providing an Odor Reporting Form on this website so neighbors can contact us directly.
  • Reducing the amount of product that is allowed to be shipped through the facility.
  • Publishing emissions data to this website on an annual basis to encourage transparency.
  • Supporting local and regional air monitoring efforts. We have already contributed $15,000 to the DEP to support air monitoring efforts in South Portland.

We are investing in our facility in South Portland because it’s the right thing to do and because we are proud to be part of the neighborhood.

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